Frequently Asked Questions

You bet it is! In a modern world where everyone is used to buying cheap products from overseas we’ve chosen to set ourselves apart. By making everything locally we can ensure our quality and durability is far better than our competitors at what is often much better value. We take pride in being able to give back to the community that supports us by employing local people. Our mission is to be the number one Australian made uniform provider.

  1. Firstly, we consult with you to assess your current uniform, determine your aims and establish a desired outcome.
  2. A deposit is secured via credit card for a Togz Size Kit to be sent to you, which allows your team members to try on each style and size to find out what fits.
  3. Next comes the design process – our qualified and talented designers will create a concept that will be sent to you for approval before we commence production.
  4. Lastly, it’s time for everything to be made! Production usually takes 3-4 weeks depending on demand.
  5. Once it’s complete your order will be posted to you via registered mail.

Yes, unless a customer specifically requests a product to be made of lyrca or another non-chlorine-resistant material, all TOGZ items are designed to last with countless hours of pool swimming. Be wary of our competitors who opt for cheaper fabrics that fall apart with regular use – we don’t believe in providing inferior quality or cutting costs at the expense of our customers!

The TOGZ crew is big on looking after our environment so we can do our part to help the world enjoy it for generations to come.

To achieve this we looked at every aspect of our production and chose the most earth-friendly, ethical options. So we recycle all of our paper, use earth-friendly water based dye sublimation inks, run our entire premise on solar power, and do our best to minimise fabric waste as much as possible.

On top of that there is also the low carbon footprint and wastage involved in purchasing TOGZ uniforms, because they don’t travel all the way from a foreign country, while the durability and quality ensures the energy that goes into making our products is not wasted before they are due to be replaced.

We are as close as it comes to a truly ethical producer and hope to lead our industry by example.

The short answer is that we make it all! From boys jammers, shorts, singlets, triathlons suits, all kinds of girls swimwear, waterpolo suits, race suits, activewear, tights, surf caps, wetshirts/rashies and more! We have an option for almost everything.

Of course! It just so happens that the samples double as your Size Kit – so you can see our manufacturing quality and try out the different styles before ordering. Together this feature makes ordering a breeze and lets your club members decide what works best for them.

We certainly can! Special promotional items or race suits are no problem. Anything from corporate colours to sponsor logos or even just a pretty design – we can do it and do it exceptionall well.

We use our own sizing range that works off the Australian clothing standard, not the American or European, so be sure to try on our items using the size kit we provide before you order. As with buying any clothing items from different brands you can never assume they’ll be the same size, so it’s easiest and safest to check first. Plus we’re always happy to help with sizing requirements from big to small – please feel free to ask when you enquire.

No order is too big or small! We do ask for a surcharge for orders under 10 garments, as the time and effort involved in setup and design is the same, though we’ve made sure the pricing remains competitive and fair. Full details are provided in the ordering information pack we’ll send to you.

In an effort to serve our valued customers and help contribute to the sports we love, we are delighted to offer a Price Match Guarantee.

All you need to do is send us a current quote or invoice and we’ll do our best to beat it through your choice of a discount or a better combination deal.